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Stargate O-Port Valve

Stargate O-Port ValveThe main characteristic of this type of valve, also called slide-gate valve or through-port valve is the well-guided blade passing through both ends of the valve body, having a hole in the middle of the blade.

Automatically Exchangeable Screen

Automatically Exchangeable ScreenStop production, take flanges loose, drop pipes and replace screens is a frequent task. Big Screen™ will reduce the down time for maintenance purposes.

Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate ValvesBig Knife™ valves are a development to bridge the gap between the typical knife-gate valves, which are often called throwaway valves with all their many technical disadvantages, and the more expen­sive Stargate-O-Port valves.

Big Blow Valve

Big Blow ValveExcellent performance with an absolute minimum of maintenance. This valve is built rugged enough to withstand almost any problem related to the batch pulp digesters.

SVC Big Valves

SVC Big ValvesTheir generic terms are: (Slide gate valves, O-port gate valves or through port valves). Their design is rugged for applications with high temperature and pressure shock waves.

Valve Seats

Valve SeatsThe double seats are solid filled PTFE for temperatures to 450 degrees fahrenheit. They are spring loaded for long lasting drip-tight shut off even with abrasive medium. For higher temperatures graphite seats are used.

Valve Actuators

Valve ActuatorsMost valves are actuated by type "A" pneumatic actuators, i.e., the top quality cylinders for longest life even at high cycle rates. The actuators are epoxy-painted; cylinder rods are stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Locking Devices

Locking DevicesThe valves are supplied with locking devices LO, for mechanically locking the valves in the closed position, preventing accidental opening of the valves. This allows work behind the locked valve without the necessity of selling blanks thus decreasing the down­time.

Micro Limit Switches

Micro Limit SwitchesMicro limit switches, Go proximity switches or any other limit switch based on customer preference indicating open or closed position are provided. Also, the supply of solenoid valves to activate the cylinders is an option.

Stargate O-Port AS Valve

Stargate O-Port AS ValveWhen scale is formed on the moving elements of ball valves or gate valves the consequence is either blocking of the valve movement or damage to the valve seats and consequent leaking through the valves.

Diverter Valve

Diverter ValveThe Stargate O-Port® Diverter valve can be applied to a variety of applications where flow of material has to be diverted from one line to another. The Stargate O-Port® Diverter valve has been used in chip feed applications to divert chip flow from one digester to another.

Capping Valves

Capping Valves20” Stargate O-Port® Capping Valve with Steaming and Evacuation. For full automation of the filling of the digesters, capping valves are used instead of manually installed blanks.

Gas Valves

Gas ValvesSVC manufactures gas valves specific to the customer application. With a wide range of products and custom design, SVC can design a valve to perform to customer expectations in most applications where standard valves will not.

Steam Valves

Steam ValvesStop production, take flanges loose, drop pipes and replace screens are frequent tasks. Big Screen™ will reduce the down time for maintenance purposes.

Lime Storage Bin Valves

Lime Storage Bin ValvesLime storage bins have usually some sort of shut off valve, mostly those valves stick because of the hygroscopic nature of the lime.

Fly Ash Storage Bin Valves

Fly Ash Storage Bin ValvesFly ashes from the boiler systems in the pulp manufacturing are stored in bins, which are shut off in the bottom with an isolation valve.

Liquor Heater Valves

Liquor Heater ValvesDuring the last several years Stainless Valve Co. has done some work with several customers on the application of our Stargate O-Port® valves in liquor heater applications.

Custom Gate Valves

Custom Gate ValvesStainless Valve Company offers custom gate valves to match your specifications.

Mining Valves

Mining ValvesSVC suggested to use the AS Stargate-O-Port valves for this application. In April 2000 the first valve, 12" diameter, was installed and has been in continuous service now with no need for taking the valves out of service, no need for removing scale.

Anti-Scale Valves

Anti-Scale ValvesSince 1996 Stainless Valve Co. has done some work with several customers on the application of their Stargate O-Port® valves in applications, where scale formation creates functional problems for the valves.
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