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Stainless Valve Co., Inc.

Stainless Valve Co. has been designing and manufacturing quality knife gate valves and slide gate valves for over 33 years. We are located in Monroe, North Carolina, USA. Our facilities are in close proximity to several Interstates, so we can utilize a vast array of shipping resources. We have exclusively designed and implemented the Stargate-O- Port valves. Our company's determination is to provide our customers with the best advice, assistance and products available. We are staffed with professional pneumatic valve actuators designers and builders to carry out this determination. We strive to provide excellent professional service with a personal touch and have successfully satisfied customers on a national and international scale. This is due to everyone in our company being attentive to the needs stipulated by our customers.

SVC Big Valves
Their generic terms are: (Slide gate valves, O-port gate valves or through port valves). Their design is rugged for applications with high temperature and pressure shock waves, aggressive flow media, liquids, gases and solids. Solids from the media cannot be pressed into the seat area preventing proper closing. This makes the SVC Big Valves the choice for handling solids in flow media. The valves can be installed in any position in the pipe, they do not have a preferential flow direction. The tightness of the shut off does not depend on a pressure differential between the upstream and downstream side.

Body, packing glands, and gate are manufactured of solid rolled Hastelloy, titanium, stainless steel 304, 316, 317, or 5M0254 (25-6) respectively. It is not cast or lined but solid plate to the thickness and with reinforcement required for the pressure rating and long maintenance-free service.

Valve Seats
The double seats are solid filled PTFE for temperatures to 450 degrees fahrenheit. They are spring loaded for long lasting drip-tight shut off even with abrasive medium. For higher temperatures graphite seats are used.

Pneumatic Valve Actuators
Most valves are actuated by type "A" pneumatic valve actuators, i.e., the top quality cylinders for longest life even at high cycle rates. The actuators are epoxy-painted; cylinder rods are stainless steel for corrosion resistance. The actuators on valves up to 18" are mounted in-line with the blade. For valves of 20" and above the actuators are mounted in tandem on the small sides of the valves, acting through crossbars attached to the blades. Hydraulic and electric actuators are available, as well as manual hand-wheel and gear oper­ators.

Locking Devices
The valves are supplied with locking devices LO, for mechanically locking the valves in the closed position, preventing accidental opening of the valves. This allows work behind the locked valve without the necessity of selling blanks thus decreasing the down­time. The pin of the locking device is heavy enough to allow the valve actuators to be charged with 125 psi air pressure without dam­age to the locking device. The LO locking device for locking in the open position is available as an option.

Control Options
Micro limit switches, Go proximity switches or any other limit switch based on customer preference indicating open or closed position are provided. Also, the supply of solenoid valves to activate the cylinders is an option. They are mounted on the valve actuators and connected to the actuator ports. The solenoid valves and limit-switches are directly wired to the customers control station. No control panel is required at the valves.

Why to buy SVC Valves

  1. SVC offers complete solutions to application difficulties to meet your needs.
  2. SVC supplies different industries: Pulp and Paper, Mining, Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Food, Power Generation, as well as any industry where there are difficult valve applications.
  3. SVC offers high quality, high performance products. Valves are manufactured to high tolerance for years of trouble-free operation.
  4. SVC offers engineering and design for your valve applications.
  5. SVC offers repair and maintenance, upgrading the valve to state of the art.
  6. SVC is your partner in manufacturing valves.

For over 30 years SVC has supplied through-port valves of simple design yet made to very tight tolerance requirements resulting in very reliable, high performance valves. We use the industry’s most severe environments as our testing grounds and the resulting developments offered in our SVC Valves are most impressive. The flagship valve, the Stargate-O-Port® Valve are not knife-gate valves! In fact, from a functional point of view, it is more similar to a ball valve than to knife gate valves. The Stargate-O-Port® Valve does not have the shortcomings of knife gate valves and slide gate valves. Still, we sometimes call the Stargate-O-Port® Valve the “Flat Ball Valve”.

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