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Liquor Heater Valves

Liquor Heater Valves

During the last several years Stainless Valve Co. has done some work with several customers on the application of our Stargate O-Port® valves in liquor heater applications.

At the first customer's site our Stargate O-Port® valve together with a competing ball valve were installed in spring of 1995 side-by-side on two liquor heaters.

After one year in operation the customer decided to use our Stargate O-Port® valves on all the liquor heater applications. Several more Stargate O-Port® valves are meanwhile in operation successfully at this site.

Because of recommendations from this mill, other mills in the same organization are meanwhile using our Stargate O-Port® valves successfully for liquor heater applications.

The first liquor heater Stargate O-Port® valve is in service since about the beginning of 1997. Several more valves are in operation in other mills since beginning of 1998.

Some technical background:

The attached drawing shows the basic setup of three liquor heaters. At a given time two of the heaters are heating the black liquor going to the continuous digester and the third heater is being acid cleaned. Typically once a week the heaters are switched. The previously cleaned liquor heater comes online and another of the two heaters is valve being cleaned. In these cycles every liquor heater is running for two weeks and then cleaned in the third week.

The main problem with liquor heater valves is scaling. If scaling happens on ball valve valves either the ball valve does not actuate at all or the scaling destroys the seats of the ball valve.

Our Stargate O-Port® valves feature a special coating to reduce friction and adhesion of scaling on the blade, PTFE inserts in the blade where the blade faces the pipe during the closed position and a sufficiently large size actuator to guarantee proper actuation of the Stargate O-Port® valve.

Some of feedback from several of our agents indicates that liquor heater valves are a problem on all continuous digesters.

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