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Tensar TriAx Geogrids

Tensar TriAx GeogridsA selected non-woven geotextile laminated to a TriAx™ geogrid provides filtration and separation to resist the upward migration of fine subgrade particles into the granular layer, which may otherwise lead to significant loss of performance, particularly with more open graded aggregates.

Tensar SS Geogrids

Tensar SS GeogridsTensar SS geogrids are stiff monolithic geogrids with integral junctions. They are orientated in two directions such that the resulting ribs have a high degree of molecular orientation which continues through the area of the integral node.

Tensar Uniaxial Geogrids

Tensar Uniaxial GrogridsUniaxial geogrids by Tensar are built to reinforce soils in the construction of structures such as bridge abutments, retaining walls, geocell mattress, steep slopes and slip repairs. Tensar uniaxial geogrids have been orientated in one direction.

Tensartech Geocell Mattress System

Tensartech Geocell Mattress SystemTensar Geocell mattress creates a stiff foundation for the embankment as well as safely allowing initial construction access over the soft site. Use of the Tensartech Geocell Mattress System results in rapid construction with no need for excavation and removal of subsoil.

Tensar AR-G Composite

Tensar AR-G CompositeTensar AR-G is a composite consisting of a stiff monolithic geogrid with integral junctions (Tensar AR1) bonded to a non-woven paving fabric. Tensar AR1 is orientated in two directions such that the resulting ribs have both a high degree of molecular orientation.
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