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Tensartech Geocell Mattress System

Tensartech Geocell Mattress System

A Tensar Geocell mattress creates a stiff foundation for the embankment as well as safely allowing initial construction access over the soft site. Use of the Tensartech Geocell Mattress System results in rapid construction with no need for excavation and removal of subsoil. The Geocell is a 1m deep, open top, continuous cellular structure formed from geogrids and strong connectors. It is placed on the weak soil and filled with granular material to create a stiff raft foundation.

Additional benefits of the Tensartech Geocell Mattress System include:

  • Provide stability of the foundation without the need for piles or other ground improvement measures
  • Allow safe access to site and the forming of a working platform
  • Avoid excavation and replacement of the soft soil
  • Prevent loss of drainage fill into the weak foundation
  • Provide even and controlled settlement
  • Allow faster consolidation
  • Accommodate vertical band (wick) drain installation if consolidation needs to be further accelerated

Tensar International’s experienced engineers are available to provide clients, consultants and contractors with design and construction support. The service uses the latest CAD software. Services offered range from a free of charge application suggestion to a full design and supply service.

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