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The Precision Alliance

The Precision Alliance is a North American and European sales and marketing alliance between a few, relatively small companies that have aligned themselves to provide a complete miniature product offering to the automation industry. The Precision Alliance has been established to answer the ever-increasing demand for higher precision and lower costs. Our combined product offering provides designers with the widest variety of components for miniature automation tasks, and our ability to provide complete subassemblies at both ends of the accuracy spectrum answers the increasing demand for cost effective positioning solutions from a single source.

TPA supplies precision linear and rotary motion components and systems for machine, instrument, device, and vehicle applications. These components include linear bearings of a variety of types, miniature linear actuators, ball screws, shaft couplings, linear motors, thin section ball bearings, turn table bearings, specialty gears, and related components.

Exceptional customer service is the lifeline of TPA's business. We clearly communicate with you about your orders and make every effort to fulfill your orders on time, every time. When you call us, a person (not a machine) answers the phone.

TPA's vast product offering enables us to offer designers the right solution for the application, instead of trying to make a limited offering fit the task. At last count we offer over 10,000 different product types from ultra-high precision to very basic bearing systems and from ultra-high capacity down to the world's smallest. The Right Product for Each Application.

Although we offer catalogs full of linear bearings, miniature linear actuators, ball screws, shaft couplings, gears, etc., our greatest successes are when we help you solve a linear motion problem. Often a catalog product will solve most problems. However, new projects tend to push beyond standard product offerings (i.e., load, temperature, size, environment, or something else). In these cases, our engineers can help you find the perfect solution through modification or alternate technologies.

When you contact TPA you can talk to a degreed engineer with both decades of industry experience and extensive product knowledge that can give you answers. Our goal is to give you an immediate answer for most questions and for more complex questions requiring research, we make every attempt to response within 24 hours.

TPA's unique business structure sustains very low overhead while maintaining highly responsive customer service and technical support teams. The low overhead coupled with a lean and efficient organization enables TPA to remain highly price competitive and provide the customer service you want.


Linear Actuators

Our Miniature Linear Actuators, Linear Motion Stages, and Modules are ideal for positioning small to medium size payloads. TPA Minibot is an excellent choice for payload applications under 85 kg (188 lbs).

  • Custom or standard stroke lengths
  • Carriage travel limit sensors
  • Single & Multi-axis motion
  • Integral motor mounts (NEMA 11, 14, 17, and 23)

Ball Screws

Minimize Energy Consumption with High efficiency (90%) Rolled or Ground Ball screw assemblies.

  • Miniature Ground or Rolled Screws
  • Smooth Accurate Driving Motion
  • Cylinder or flange nut styles available
  • World’s Smallest Ball Screw (1.8 mm diameter)

Linear Bearings

Control or maintain motion in one direction with rolling element antifriction miniature linear bearings. We offer a wide family of products to choose from.

  • Miniature Ball Rail – sizes ranging from 3 to 15 mm rail width
  • Standard Ball Rail - sizes ranging from 15 to 45 mm rail width

Crossed Roller Bearings

Linear Crossed Roller Bearings provide the ultimate in smooth and accurate linear motion. The caged rollers are captured between hardened and ground races. The rollers do not recirculate providing a very smooth motion not found in recirculating bearings

Telescopic Linear Guides

Telescopic Linear Rails are commonly used to support drawers and doors in industrial, transportation, and military applications.

  • High Load Capability (up to 4500N)
  • Roller Based with Travel up to 2 m
  • Self Lubricating
  • Protruding Raceway Design for Debris Rejection
  • Single piece Rail with Machined Roller Track

Cam Roller Guides

Cam Roller Guides provide high performance linear guidance for payloads by using large diameter ball bearing rollers in a profiled rail. These linear bearing systems are available in several different designs and sizes to meet a range of payload requirements.

  • The MR Series is available in 3 sizes and has high load capacities. The MR Series is highly corrosion resistant and capable of dealing with contaminates very well. It is ideal for dirty harsh environments.
  • The LAZ Series is an economical linear bearing system for basic linear motion applications
  • The LAX Series is an economical linear bearing system that is made entirely in stainless steel for basic motion applications that require corrosion resistance

Slides, Tables and Stages

Ready to mount units are ideal for applications like tooling, instrumentation, and packaging equipment where compact size and attachment are important.

  • Cross Roller slides with locking mechanism
  • Thimble driven Linear Stages with micrometer scale
  • Lead Screw Driven Miniature Positioning Tables
  • X-Y Modular Stages – Crossed Roller or Needle Bearing Type
  • High Temperature Units up to 300?C

Shaft Couplings

Shaft couplings for servo and stepper motor systems. Setscrew, Clamp, Split, Semi-Split, and Keyway type available.

  • Antibacterial Treatment (Ideal for Medical Equipment)
  • Packaged for Clean Room Applications
  • Custom Bore Designs
  • Corrosion Resistant

Screws / Fasteners

Special fasteners are typically required for OEM products where strength, size, corrosion resistance or other features are important such as:

  • Heat Resistant - Inconel, Nickel, Molybdenium , Ceramic
  • Anti Seize for stainless steel - Raydent treatment, Telfon Coating
  • Non-Magnetic - Titanium or Phosphor Bronze
  • Compact - Low Head for precision instruments
  • Reflection Resistance - Raydent treatment

Precision Gears

To reduce noise and vibration in systems antibacklash gears are desirable.

  • Spring loaded Split gear design
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Alloy
  • Clamp or Setscrew secured to shaft
  • Spur, Bevel, and Worm Type

Linear Motors

Increasingly popular in motion control applications requiring Quick Movements or High Acceleration of Light Payloads.

  • Thrust Forces from 20 to 4500 N
  • Zero Backlash Cog Free Smooth Motion
  • Four Cross Section Sizes
  • Custom Designs available

Engineered Solutions

More Than Components...Solutions! TPA will combine and modify our components to meet your systems requirements

  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • In-House Machining
  • In-House Engineering Team
  • Global Resourcing for OEM applications

Flat Mount Bearings

For applications requiring a low profile or height bearing along with very high precision rotary or oscillating motion.

  • Tapped holes for ease of assembly
  • 4 point contact type bearing
  • RoHS compliant
  • Standard metric bore diameter sizes range from 40 to 250 mm

Thin Section Bearings

For rotary or oscillating applications requiring very small bearing cross section.

  • Standard bore size ranges from 1 to 30 inches (25.5 to 762 mm)
  • Radial, angular, or 4 point contact type
  • Engineering available for special designs and sizes

Turntable Bearings

Turntable bearings or slewing ring bearings are large diameter bearings primarily designed to handle applications that feature a combination of axial, radial, and moment loads.

  • Sizes ranging from 200 mm (8") to 6000 mm (240") diameter
  • Can be equipped with mounting bolt hole, gearless, internal or external gears

Needle Roller Bearing

Linear Needle Bearings are used where high capacity, smooth, accurate motion is require, or when the application calls for Maximum Stiffness. Like Crossed Roller Bearings they provide smooth non recirculating motion, but the long line of roller contact and large number of needle rollers makes for the stiffest linear bearing arrangement.

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