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Standard Linear Guides

Standard Linear GuidesBG and SBS Series Linear Guides provide high capacity, low friction guidance of payloads for machine applications. With 4 rows of recirculating balls engaged in a precision ground rail, these bearings provide load capacity in all directions.

Miniature Linear Guides

Miniature Linear GuidesThe MR Series Miniature Linear Guides provide precision, low friction guidance of payloads for machine and instrument applications. These bearings have 2 rows of recirculating balls engaged with 4 point contact in a precision ground rail which provides load capacity in all directions.

High Temperature Linear Bearings

High Temperature Linear BearingsThe SBG-HT Series High Temperature Linear Guides provide high load capacity and precision guidance like the SBG Series but are modified for high temperature environments.

Crossed Roller Bearings

Crossed Roller BearingsTo simplify the ordering process, both Linear Crossed Roller and Needle Roller Bearings are available in sets. Crossed roller sets consist of 4 rails, 2 roller cages, and 8 end screws, all of the components for a complete axis of motion.

Needle Roller Bearings

Needle Roller BearingsLinear bearings type N/O are suitable to support and guide high loads and moments very accurate. Due to the close arranged needle rollers they provide extremely high rigidity, high linear motion accuracy and a compact size.

Cam Roller Guides

Cam Roller GuidesThe MR43 Series Heavy Duty Linear Bearing System is a high capacity long travel bearing system and is the largest and highest capacity of the MR family. MR43 rails are made of hardened, cold drawn carbon steel that is treated with the innovative T RACE NOX.

Telescopic Linear Guides

Telescopic Linear GuidesThe TELERACE telescopic linear guides are a roller based, high capacity telescopic rail family suitable for the toughest industrial applications. The TELERACE telescopic rails are constructed with cold drawn steel that is hardened to provide long life even in equipment with highly repetitive motion.

High Precision Ball Screws

High Precision Ball ScrewsSG Series precision ground ball screws are the choice when high linear accuracy (i.e., grades C0, C1, C3, or C5) and/or smooth movement is required. A precision grinding process is used to create the ball screw thread.

Linear Motor Coils

Linear Motor CoilsDX Series Linear Motor Coils are used with DX Series Linear Motor Magnet Tracks to create high performance brushless linear motors. The linear motor design is sometimes referred to as an ironless, horseshoe, or U-channel design.

Linear Motor Magnet Tracks

Linear Motor Magnet TracksDX Series Linear Motor Magnet Tracks are used with DX Series Linear Motor Coils to create high performance brushless linear motors. The linear motor design is sometimes referred to as an ironless, horseshoe, or U-channel design.

Linear Voice Coil Motors

Linear Voice Coil MotorsVC - Circular Voice Coil Motors are a direct drive, hysteresis-free, cog-free linear drive that offers high-acceleration and speed over short distances. The non-contact design is ideal for semiconductor, defense, and medical applications.

Linear Voice Coil Actuators

Linear Voice Coil ActuatorsCVCA - Circular Voice Coil Actuators are a direct drive, hysteresis-free, cog-free linear actuator that offers high-acceleration and speed over short distances. The Voice Coil Actuators integrate a high performance voice coil motor.

Precision Slides

Precision SlidesReady to mount units are ideal for applications like tooling, instrumentation, and packaging equipment where compact size and attachment are important.

Positioning Stages

Positioning StagesSingle (MT) and Two (KMT) axis micrometer driven translation tables. Designed for microscope-based inspection applications, Metric micrometer, division 0.01 mm.

Positiong Tables

Positiong TablesMiniature cross roller translation tables for manual operation. A positive position locking device eliminates drift when idle. Seven sizes available.

Miniature Linear Actuators

Miniature Linear ActuatorsThe Minibot is a family of actuators built around industry standard linear bearings and motor frame sizes. The linear bearing options include wide versions of size 7, 9, 12 and 15 linear bearings.

Flat Mount Bearings

Flat Mount BearingsFMB bearing can replace back-to-back or face-to-face mounted angular contact bearing pair. Flat mounted table bearings are found in rotary stage applications where you wish to move an object in a very precise circular or oscillating motion.

Thin Section Bearings

Thin Section BearingsOur large bore small cross section bearings permit the use of large diameter hollow shafts or tubes to replace solid shafts by supporting the rotating structure (table) at the periphery.

Rotary Turntable Bearings

Rotary Turntable BearingsTurntable bearings or slewing ring bearings are offered in non-geared, internally geared, and externally geared configurations. Typical applications include radar pedestals, scanner equipment, gun turrets.

Vented Fasteners

Vented FastenersFasteners with ventilation holes for use in vacuum chamber applications, clean rooms, FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices and more. Socket Head Cap Screws, Hexagon Head Bolts, Socket Button Head Screws, Phillips Crossed Recessed Screws, Low Head Cap Screws, and Washers.

Miniature Fasteners

Miniature FastenersFasteners in miniature sizes S0.6-M4 for use in precision machinery and instruments. Socket Head Cap Screws, Cross Recessed Pan Head or Flat Head Screws and Set Screws available. Low head heights great for space savings and improved safety of equipment and devices.

Low Head Fasteners

Low Head FastenersFasteners with head heights as low as 0.5mm (SETS) for use in precision machinery and instruments where the screw head needs to go unnoticed. Socket Head Cap Screws, Hexalobular Socket Head Cap Screws, Socket Button Head Cap Screws and Keys for attachment and removal.

Self Locking Fasteners

Self Locking FastenersPlugs, Cover Caps, Nuts and Washers to prevent loosening of parts and to protect screw heads from contamination. Available in sizes M3-M45. Increases safety and life of screws.

Plastic Fasteners

Plastic FastenersFasteners made of plastic materials including PEEK, RENY, VESPEL, AURUM and more offer higher strength, higher chemical resistance, and more heat resistance than standard materials. Socket Head Cap Screws, Hexagon Head Bolts, Socket Button Head Screws.

Captive Screws

Captive ScrewsSocket Head Cap Captive Screws and Full Thread screws in sizes M3-M10 with various head styles and shapes including low head and special low head types. Screw length adjustment and surface treatment is available upon request.

Inch Thread Fasteners

Inch Thread FastenersSocket Head Cap Screws and Socket Head Button Screws, along with Hexagon Nuts and Washers in sizes No.4-40UNC~3/8-16UNC (Unified Thread Standardization) for equipment & facilities/machinery & tools with inch thread specifications.

Surface Treated Fasteners

Surface Treated FastenersSocket Head Cap Screws with special surface treatment including Molybdenum, Teflon, Gold, and Electroless Nickel plating, as well as Raydent and Antibacterial Treatment are available in sizes M3-M10. Special surface treatment enables a low coefficient of friction.

Tamper Resistant Fasteners

Tamper Resistant FastenersHexalobular Socket Button Head Cap Screws, One Side Pan Head Screws, Two Hole Pan Head and Triwing Pan Head Screws available in sizes M3-M8. Tamper resistant fasteners which cannot be tightened or removed with a regular wrench are useful for machinery

Instrumentation Gears

Instrumentation GearsPrecision Machined Mechanical Gears of instrument quality up to AGMAQ14 standards. Anti-backlash Clamp Hub Pinions - 2 to 6 mm bores, Anti-backlash Clamp Hub Gears - 2 to 10 mm bores, Anti-backlash Pin Hub Pinions - 2 to 6 mm bores...

Racks and Pinions

Racks and PinionsPrecision Machined Mechanical Racks and Pinions of instrument quality up to AGMAQ14 standards. Round Tubular Racks - 6 to 10 mm Outer Dia., Up to 500 mm long, Round Soft Steel Racks - 6 to 10 mm Outer Dia., Up to 500 mm long...

Flexible Shaft Couplings

Flexible Shaft CouplingsXGT/XGS Composite Flexible Shaft Couplings - Clamp Type - Features - Vibration Absorption, High Torque, High Response, Zero Backlash, Single piece structure with anti-vibration rubber molded between the two hubs.

Flexible Beam Shaft Couplings

Flexible Beam Shaft CouplingsRCS/RCL - Precision Flexible Beam Shaft Couplings - Features - Electrically Insulating, High Reliability, No Inherent Backlash, Torque Capacity, Misalignment Capability...

Aluminum Fasteners

Aluminum FastenersAluminum is used in lightweight applications such as aircraft, spacecraft, medical instruments and robots. Aluminum fasteners provide excellent resistance against corrosion, electricity and thermal conductivity. Available in sizes M3-M8.

Hastelloy Fasteners

Hastelloy FastenersHastelloy fasteners provide excellent corrosion resistance from oxidative and reductive acids and saline, as well as resistance against pitting corrosion, crevice or stress corrosion cracks. Available in sizes M3-M10.

Jaw Shaft Couplings

Jaw Shaft CouplingsMJT - Curved Jaw Type Flexible Shaft Couplings - Setscrew Type which features high torque, vibration absorptions, compression type coupling assembled by pressing a polyurethane sleeve into hubs on both sides.

Bellows Shaft Couplings

Bellows Shaft CouplingsMFB - Bellows Flexible Shaft Couplings featuring constant velocity, zero backlash, setscrew and clamp types, available in aluminum alloy and stainless steel, outside diameters from 12 mm through 32mm and rated torque from 0.3 NM - 3 Nm.

Rigid Shaft Couplings

Rigid Shaft CouplingsXRP - Rigid Shaft Couplings - Clamp Type featuring rigid type, high precision rigid coupling, and the utmost limit of accuracy in coaxiality, bore diameters, and run-out.

Serration Shaft Couplings

Serration Shaft CouplingsMSF - Soft Flexible Serration Shaft Couplings - Setscrew Type features simple configuration, reasonable price, simply constructed serration type coupling transmits torque by casing-sleeve engagement.

Clean Room Shaft Couplings

Clean Room Shaft CouplingsMOHS - Clean Room Environment, Oldham Type Flexible Shaft Couplings - Clamp Type featuring heat resistant operational temperature of -20 degrees to 200 degrees, clean washed, high allowable misalignment.

Disk Shaft Couplings

Disk Shaft CouplingsXBW - Double Disk Flexible Shaft Couplings - Clamp Type features high torque, high torsional stiffness, high response, zero backlash, clamp types, and are available in aluminum alloy and stainless steel versions.

Oldham Shaft Couplings

Oldham Shaft CouplingsMOL - Oldham Type Flexible Shaft Couplings featuring high allowable misalignment, setscrew and clamp types, outside diameters from 16 mm thru 63 mm and rated torque from 0.7 Nm thru 36 Nm.

Inconel Fasteners

Inconel FastenersInconel fasteners provide excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance. Completely resistant to ammonia corrosion as well as corrosion from both inorganic and organic oxidative and reductive acids. Available in sizes M3-M10.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless Steel FastenersPerfect stainless steel has both the equivalence in strength/toughness as SUS410 and corrosion resistance equivalence of or better than SUS630. May be used with any application which necessitates high-strength and high-corrosion resistance. Available in sizes M3-M10.

Molybdenum Fasteners

Molybdenum FastenersPure Molybdenum fasteners have excellent heat resistance, with their melting point being at 2,623 degrees C. Useful for heat resistant devices such as sputtering equipment and high temperature furnaces. Available in sizes M3-M10.

Nickel Fasteners

Nickel FastenersNickel provides excellent corrosion resistance against sodium hydroxide like alkaline solutions, high-concentration halogen gases, and non-oxidative acids. Useful in corrosion and heat resistant applications such as gas concentration units and heat

Phosphor Bronze Fasteners

Phosphor Bronze FastenersPhosphor Bronze fasteners are COMPLETELY non-magnetic (0 Magnetic Flux Density) and provide excellent resistance against fatigue, corrosion, and abrasion. Available in sizes M3-M8.

Titanium Fasteners

Titanium FastenersTitanium fasteners are completely non-magnetic (0 Magnetic Flux Density), highly chemical resistant and lightweight. For use in automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft, medical instruments and robots. Available in sizes M3-M12.
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