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3004 62 Avenue East,
United States of America

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3004 62 Avenue East,
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Company Description

ETCO works with Tier I, II, III manufacturers across a broad range of industries. ETCO capabilities consist of over 100,000 sq ft. of manufacturing space in multiple locations, molding, custom precision metal stamping, wire termination engineering, custom miniaturization engineering and engineering consultation. Find out more by visiting our contact pages. Contact us here.

ETCO’s highly innovative connectivity solutions enable customers to meet their business needs across diverse markets. Aerospace/Military, Appliances, Automotive, Battery/Portable Energy, Consumer Devices, Information Technology Hardware, LED/Lighting, Medical, Wire Processing, and Custom Solutions are merely the tip of the ice berg in what we offer. Please explore our website to see the vast, cutting-edge products we offer and learn about our commitment to the environment, our employees and creating custom parts to fit the specific needs of our customers. From Medical to Aerospace and Defense and everything in between, you won’t be disappointed with our industry options.


Home appliances have rigorous daily demands that wear out less than high quality units. We know at ETCO, which is why we’ve created home appliances that stand the test of use, day after day. Our heating elements our reliable, our motors our electric and our interfaces go beyond user-friendly; they’re downright intuitive, and that’s only the beginning.

Our broad portfolio of products brushes aside the competition. And our ability to make custom connectors and relays, as well as circuit protection devices, has you covered. Period. Our modern innovations ensure the latest technology at your fingertips—always. From touchscreen to smart-technology our designers work to optimize household appliance performance and improve efficiency.


The state of technology in terms of lighting innovation is moving at the speed of, well, light. You can trust ETCO to keep up at every juncture and offer the newest, the best and the greatest lighting solutions to illuminate your project. Did you know that solid state lighting is expected to overtake more than half of all commercial and residential lighting fixtures in the next few years? ETCO knows and we’re on top of the transition and available to help you make it. We’ve got the new knowledge and proficiency to make conversion not only possible, but plausible for you.

We love to take advantage of technological progress to make our offerings the best in the business. We also enjoy keeping an eye out for sustainability, which is why our lighting innovations are environmentally protected. They’re also simple to assemble and meet voltage and current requirements. We’ve got everything from outdoor luminaires to commercial refrigeration. You need never be concerned that we don’t have the right product for you.

ETCO is leading the way in next-generation lighting development solutions that actually hasten lighting manufacturers’ transition from traditional light sources to new LED lighting fixtures.


Needless to say, the most rigorous standards are applied to products in defense, marine and aerospace applications; it’s a point of pride for ETCO to flawlessly follow standards by making thoroughly tested and proven components in these industries. We are committed to advanced engineering and innovation, and understand the necessity for discretion and quality within each of these crucial markets. ETCO has engineer specialist specifically dedicated at our complexes to military solutions. Safety and reliability in the field is tantamount to all missions. ETCO provides contractors with the reliability of 70 years of highly technical manufacturing.


ETCO is not just any medical solutions provider. We have decades of experience working to present you with the most state-of-the-art products and technologies. Our manufacturing processes are cutting edge, too, and second to none. We provide perfect aid and support to today’s medical device OEM’s.

Medical devices, for all of their benefits, have challenges at the innovation stage. ETCO will help you identify those challenges and find solutions based on the end-user needs of your equipment. Our range of capabilities is wide and our developmental engineering track record is well proven. Within our hands, your project will be taken from speculation to realization.

Our components and subassembly devices are made with your requirements in mind. And our originality and contemporary results will provide satisfaction at every stage of creation and use. Whether you need diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical or interventional products, we’re there to make it from the ground-up, step-by-step.


There’s always upheaval, uncertainty and pricing fluctuations in the automotive industry. Let ETCO be your rock. Backed by 70 years of manufacturing expertise and financial stability, ETCO is an industry leader and with very good reason. From terminals, to boots, to insulators – ETCO is your solutions provider for automotive, which means when you buy ours you can rest assured you’re getting the best. Flexible shipping, flexible payments and high quality are part of the package we offer, not part of the price. It’s our pleasure to be the industry leader in these components and offer a Product Life Guarantee along with unrivaled affordability with extensive service pricing options. UL certification and individual item-inspection is what you can expect, whether your order leaves our warehouse in North America, Asia or Europe.

About ETCO

ETCO Incorporated was founded in 1947 as Electric Terminal Corporation. The original company produced wall plug blades in strip form for attachment by the customer on a patented air operated machine. ETCO still produces wall plug blades, although the production speeds have increased from 175 parts per minute to as fast as 3,000 parts per minute.

As the years went on the company expanded the product line into thousands of different products, both catalog and custom designed products tooled for our customer’s individual needs.

When working with our customers we focus on:

  • Adhering to requirements and providing reliable quotes
  • Ensuring our work is of the highest quality standards
  • Matching and working on the best price for our customers
  • Providing exhaustive information every step of the way
  • Fanatical customer service and support before during and after all processes

Our proprietary products now represent approximately half our sales. Later the company was divided into several divisions representing distinct product areas. The reason for the divisional structure was to allow the divisions to act as responsively to customer needs as would a smaller manufacturer with the resources of a larger manufacturer. This formula has worked well and it is still the management’s philosophy.

Products & Services

Misc. »
  • Contact Pins
  • Metal Stamping Terminals
  • Terminal Contacts Manufacturer
  • Terminal Pins Manufacturer
Cables & Accessories » Castings, Forgings & Pressings » Connectors and Terminals » Distribution and Reticulation »
  • Lug Terminal
Enclosures & Accessories » Machining, Fabrication & Production » Plugs, Sockets and Connectors » Printed Circuit Boards » Relays » Welding, Joining & Accessories »
  • Welding Terminals

Brand Name Products

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