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Digital Gauging

Digital Gauging

Orbit® 3 Gauging and Positioning Network is a modern Digital alternative to conventional Analogue LVDT based systems. The flexibility of the Orbit® Digital Sensor Network makes a substantial contribution to the increased performance, and reduced costs, of automotive and bearing Metrology.

Significant improvements in pre-operation Gauging of turbine components have resulted in very large cost savings through the reduction of bad parts. The high resolution and speed of the Orbit® Gauging Network has proved invaluable in high volume Mechatronic component gauging.

The Orbit® 3 64 bit Sensor Network is not dedicated to a single sensor technology and therefore releases the system designer and service engineer to focus on common sensor connections and communication with PC’s and PLC’s via USB, RS232 serial interface, RS485 200 channel PCI card or Ethernet module.

A conventional Analogue system that incorporates more than one sensor technology, such as Linear Encoders, Rotary Encoders, Load Cells, Temperature Sensors etc, will normally require integrating different types of electronic Signal-Conditioning, computer cards and software.

Solartron Metrology has had many years experience with Orbit® 1, 2, and now 3, in providing support for machine and gauge builders by supplying software drivers and DLL’s to work with the customers chosen operating software. There are also softwaredrivers for users that prefer to use standard packages such as Lab View® or Excel®.

All the advantages of Absolute Position Measurement associated with LVDT Gauge Probes are maintained with Orbit® 3 Digital Sensors but with greatly increased speed (up to 4000 high resolution readings per second per probe), increased accuracy and conformity with modern SPC and Quality requirements regarding traceability and CE marking.

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