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Miniature Displacement Sensors

Miniature Displacement Sensors

Solartron's range of miniature displacement sensors are suitable for varied applications including high speed precision positioning, such as semiconductor wire bonding, or within hand held instruments e.g. Hardness testers.

Displacement Sensor - S Series

The S Series of LVDT Displacement Transducers is the culmination of many years' experience gained from Solartron Metrology's highly successful Mach One range plus careful note of market feedback. The Stainless steel body with improved sealing options of IP65 or IP67, coupled with new polymer guides with rigid carriers, ensure that the transducers keep working accurately and reliably, especially in wet or corrisive conditions. An unusually large bore to core clearance is maintained throughout the range, even on transducers fitted with onboard signal conditioning, enabling easier installation and making the assembly more forgiving of misalignment.

AC Miniature LVDT - MD Series

The small case diameter (6mm and 8mm) allows for easy installation in confined spaces. A right angle output facility is available as a retrofit for the 8mm version. The low core weight makes this range ideal for use in low inertia systems. Cross talk is prevented by the screened cable, which also allows for multiple use of these transducers in close proximity.

AC Miniature LVDT - SM Series

SM transducers cover two standard linear ranges from ±1mm to ±3mm. They are designed for measuring displacement in applications where infinite resolution and repeatability are required in a very small size. The core and push rod assembly moves friction-free within the sensor, an alternative design is available where only the core, threaded at both ends, is provided. Recommended push rod material is titanium; other materials can be used, but with varying effects on the electrical characteristics.

Optimum Displacement Series - OP Series

With a 9.5mm body diameter, the Optimum Series of LVDT displacement transducers is the ideal choice for process control and research applications where space is limited. Optimum Series transducers are available with free or guided core.

Submersible & IP68 Sensors - SR Series

SR ruggedized transducers, specifically developed for challenging environments in Lab and Test, and Process Control applications. Environmental ratings for the SR Series have been increased to IP68 or hermetically sealed, both with higher temperature capability where required on AC and Digital versions.

DC Miniature - DFg Series

The DF DC/DC miniature displacement transducer has a friction-free core and DFg has a free guided core incorporating Delrin bearings. All types incorporate a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) as the measuring source together with oscillator, demodulator and filter providing a self-contained unit accepting a DC input and providing a DC output relative to armature position. With high linearity and low mass of moving parts, these are ideally suited to applications in civil, mechanical, chemical and production engineering.

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