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Fletcher FM-330 F.A.S.T. CNC Trim / Shape / Sand Systems

Fletcher FM-330 F.A.S.T. CNC Trim / Shape / Sand Systems

Fletcher trim-shape-sand systems are available in multiple sizes and configurations. These machines are utilized for combined machining/sanding functions.

Scoring units are powered from 1 HP to 10 HP and can be utilized in combinations of top/bottom scoring arrangements. Piggy back scoring and jump scoring options are provided.

Trim / Hogging saws are powered from 7.5 to 20 HP, 3600 RPM motors. Special motor arrangements, higher speeds, etc. are available. The standard saw arbors are 2" diameter x 5-3/8" long, with the end of arbor threaded for locking nuts. Other arbors are offered. The switch from trim to hogging is accomplished by changing saws and removing arbor spacers. The maximum diameter of the cutter head is 12", to fit inside of a standard guard. The saws are mounted on dovetail slide castings, which are affixed to a large cast iron column with dovetailed slides. Both vertical and horizontal adjustment are provided. Enclosed worm and worm gears are used to provide 90 degree tilting.

High speed shaper heads and jump shaper heads are powered from 7.5 HP to 20 HP, 3600 RPM motors and are gear-belt driven to 5600 or 7200 RPM, as the customer specifies. Other arrangements such as high frequency motor drives are offered. The shape spindles are 1-1/4" diameter x 5" long, with the end spindle threaded for a locking nut. The maximum standard diameter of the cutterhead is 10", to clear the guard. Our shapers are mounted to cast iron columns by dovetails and have vertical and horizontal movements and enclosed gearboxes provide 90 degree tilting. Stacked tooling units are also available for shaping units.

High speed router heads and jump router heads are powered from 7.5 HP to 15 HP, gearbelt driven to 5600 or 7200 RPM, as the customer specifies. Other arrangements such as high frequency motor drives are offered.. Our routers are mounted to cast iron columns by dovetails and have vertical and horizontal movements and enclosed gearboxes provide 90 degree tilting.

DADO's are available, in both fixed and jump configurations. 10, 15 or 20 HP drives are available. Usually a 3600 RPM belt driven arbor (2-5/8" o.d.) is supplied. The arbor has a removable shaft. Multiple cutters can be mounted to the same arbor. A 7-1/2 HP high speed vertical jump router provides clean-up for end the of the jump dado machining. This ensures a cleaner finished product.

Standard and jump vertical grooving units are also available in 10, 15 or 20 HP units with single and double sided arbors. Vertical grooving units are adjustable in 3 axis. These units lend themselves to CNC setup in 3 axis.

Sanding units are available in 103", 146" and 220" parallel sanding belts. Fletcher's unique Roto-Sand circular profile sanding heads are also available. All sanding units can be powered by inverters for variable speed selection.

Fletcher Machine's Auto Sequence Start is a PLC based system designed to increase safety and productivity for both the operator and the machine. Our control panel is readily accessible with one button start-up to reduce operator error and increase productivity. The PLC consistently monitors the machine for motor faults. When a fault does occur, the alarm light will flash and the feed chain will stop.

Each of our tenoner chain links are machined from individual blocks of high tensile strength steel, with replaceable serrated urethane pads. The links are joined by hardened steel pins in steel alloy PTFE impregnated bushings. The chains ride on a fabricated steel chain beam with replaceable low friction UHMW track. The feed chain squaring adjustment is located on the outside of the drive shaft for easy access. Fletcher Machine's feed chains are assembled in opposing sections and are pre-tensioned before assembly to maintain squareness. All of these steps are taken to ensure the highest quality of our machine and your product.

The chain dogs can be ordered in 5" multiples. The snap-up dog backs against a cut-out in the chain link for support. Snap-in dogs are available in various heights, and bolt-on dogs also available as well as pop-up dogs and automated selection of pop-up dogs is available. Fletcher's dog system provided the greatest flexibility for your machining operations.

Our feed chain is equipped with an automatic lubricator providing constant lubrication and cleaning to the underside and "V" of the feed chain blocks. The holddown chain links are machined from high strength aluminum alloy, each link is connected by hardened steel pins and supported by two ball bearings. Fletcher's replaceable urethane pads hold parts securely without marking.

The feed chains are powered by an AC inverter variable speed drive with panel mounted digital speed selector. A current overload sensor stops the feed chain in case of overload or jams. Standard feed rates are 0-75 FPM. Optional feed rates are available. The traverse (width adjustment) is powered by a 3 HP, AC motor. Traverse digital readout indicator shows width adjustments in .001" increments. Our minimum opening is 4-1/4" across feed chain pads, and our standard maximum opening is 80". Other sizes are available upon request. The standard configuration is for left side of machine to traverse.

A jog cable is standard equipment. This allows the operator to jog the feed chain from any station on the machine for maximum ease of set-up. In "Run" mode, the jog cable is used as a feed chain emergency stop. Individual illuminated start-stop buttons are located on a control panel at the infeed end, with master stop buttons on control panel and at outfeed end. A master lockout system, using a removable key, insures operator that machine cannot be started during set-ups. An hour meter on control panel is supplied for run time reference. Shatter resistant overhead fluorescent lighting to assist in operator set-up, etc. Guards are produced by Fletcher Machine to meet industry standards for safety and dust pick-up. Standard configuration on Fletcher Machine Company double-side machines is for the left side to be movable (as viewed from the infeed).

F.A.S.T. (Fletcher Automated Set-Up Technology) is available on all our tenoners. This system offers automatic machine set up, reporting functions, the ability to save set ups by part numbers, tool libraries, diagnostics, and user friendly machine controls. From 1 to 72 axes may be controlled. Increased machine and product accuracy and productivity are the end result of this system.

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