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Profile Wheel Grinders

Fletcher has designed and built machinery for our in house rubber roller department. During company tours our customers expressed an interest in our wheel grinding machinery for shaping rollers. Fletcher's machines are designed to grind, shape rollers, and true rollers.

FM 80 is a template based machine.  The roller is placed on a spindle; a cutting wheel attached to a motor mounted on a moveable base traverses while a tracer bearing follows a pre-cut template to duplicate the shape onto the wheel. The machine operates in much the same way as a key cutting machine in a hardware store.

FM 80-S is a machine that trues up straight rollers.  It is programmable and electronically controlled. The roller is placed on a spindle and the cutting wheel traverses across the surface. The movement of the cutting wheel is programmed for speed, and the mount of passes required to resurface the roller. The machine can lightly polish the surface of a damaged roller and resurface it in house.

FM 81 is a plunge cut roller shaper. This machine is designed for high volume shaping of identical rollers. The cutter itself is the counter profile of the shape required for the rubber roller. The blank roller is placed on a spindle; the counter profile is introduced into the surface, and continues until the shape is realized.

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