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FM-2000 Double Side Edgebanders

FM-2000 Double Side Edgebanders

Double Sided Edgebanders can be fitted with the following work units:

  • Automatic Loaders/Unloaders
  • Scoring and Panel Sizing Units
  • Pre-Mill & Jump Pre-Mill Units
  • High Speed Shaping & Jump Shaping Units
  • Universal Magazines For Coil Strip Banding
  • Foiling and Soft-forming Magazines
  • Solid Wood Rimmer Units For Heavy Wood Bands
  • High Speed End-Trim Units
  • Top/Bottom Rough Mill Units
  • Top/Bottom Fine/Bevel Mill Units
  • Top/Bottom Scraping Units
  • 4 Motor Corner Rounding Units
  • Top/Bottom Scraping Units
  • Top/Bottom Hot Air Guns
  • Top/Bottom Buffing Units
  • Flat & Profile Sanding Belt
  • Rotary Sanding Units
  • High Speed Shaping And Jump Shaping Units
  • Grooving Units
  • Panel Return Units
  • Right Angle Transfer Units
  • Panel Cone Turners and Disk Turners

Each of our double sided edgebander chain links are machined from individual blocks of high tensile strength steel, with replaceable serrated urethane pads. The links are joined by hardened steel pins in steel alloy PTFE impregnated bushings. The chains ride on a steel chain beam with replaceable low friction UHMW track. The feed chain squaring adjustment is located on the outside of the drive shaft for easy access. Fletcher Machine's feed chains are assembled in opposing sections and are pre-tensioned before assembly to maintain squareness. All of these steps are taken to ensure the highest quality of our machine and your product.

The chain dogs can be ordered in 5" multiples. The snap-up dog backs against a cut-out in the chain link for support. Snap-in dogs are available in various heights, and bolt-on dogs also available as well as pop-up dogs and automated selection of pop-up dogs is available. Fletcher's dog system provided the greatest flexibility for your machining operations.

Our feed chain is equipped with an automatic lubricator providing constant lubrication and cleaning to the underside and "V" of the feed chain blocks. The hold-down chain links are machined from high strength aluminum alloy, each link is connected by hardened steel pins and supported by two ball bearings. Fletcher's replaceable urethane pads hold parts securely without marking.

The feed chains are powered by either eurodrives or AC inverter variable speed drives with panel mounted digital speed selector. A current overload sensor stops the feed chain in case of overload or jams. Standard feed rates are 0-75 FPM. Optional feed rates are available. The traverse (width adjustment) is powered by a 3 HP, AC motor. Traverse digital readout indicator shows width adjustments in .001" increments. Our minimum opening is 4-1/4" across feed chain pads, and our standard maximum opening is 80". Other sizes are available upon request. The standard configuration is for left side of machine to traverse.

Individual start-stop buttons are located on a control panel at the infeed of machine. Master stop buttons on the control panel and at the outfeed end will completely stop machine. A master lockout system, using a removable key, ensures the operator that the machine cannot be started during setups. Other specialized controls are available including PLC controls and CNC control systems.

The Feeding Magazine will handle coil, strip, or solid wood bands. The edge thickness can be from 1/64" to 1/2", and the edge width from 1Ú2" to 2-1/8". The minimum edge length is 3-1/2", and the minimum part width 3". We are willing to consider other requirements, please come to us with your special projects. As an option the magazine table can tilt up to 19 degrees for applying veneer only to beveled edges. Automatic switching to a second coil is also offered as an option. A 3mm PVC guillotine option is available. We are also the first to offer edge banding of extremely thick bands, up to 1-1/8" thick and 1-1/2" tall. We can also handle corner rounding, scraping and miter-clipping.

Fletcher's Hot Melt Overhead Glue Reservoir has a one gallon standard capacity. The overhead design provides easy access for cleaning and service, and the reservoir has two separate temperature zones with individual controls for increased pot life of glue. An interlock prevents machine from starting until the glue has reached application temperature. A cool down switch will automatically turn off the feed chain when glue reservoir cools. A quick change glue pot feature is available on the hot melt applicator.

The Bandfeeder, Knife, and Pressure Rollers are supplied for feeding, cutting and applying bands. A three position selector switch is supplied for coil, strip or solid wood feeding. The feeder and guillotine are PLC controlled. One 4-1/2" diameter pressure roller with bottom guide and adjustable top guide align the banding with the substrate. This roller has adjustable pneumatic pressure. Three 3-1/4" diameter pressure rollers with adjustable pneumatic pressure are also included in this assembly. The 1st small roller has a straight face, with the second roller having 1/2 degree taper on the face from the top, and the third having 1/2 degree taper on the face from the bottom, this produces even pressure across the face onto the band. All of these rollers are chrome plated for easy clean up.

We also offer glue application systems for PVA and Urea based glue (using radio frequency curing) and polyurethane reactive (PUR) hot melt glues. The Fletcher Electronic Rimmer (using water based glue and Radio Frequency curing) applies lumber bands from 1" to 4-1/2". It operates at feed speeds up to 60 fpm. An option allows glue to be applied to the band instead of the core.

Fletcher's Edge banders are available as combination machines. These systems can size panels as well as shape and sand a lumber bands after application. This arrangement offers additional uses as a standard woodworking machine.

F.A.S.T. (Fletcher Automated Set-Up Technology) is available on our edge banders. This system offers automatic machine set up, reporting functions, the ability to save set ups by part numbers, tool libraries, diagnostics, and user friendly machine controls. From 1 to 72 axes may be controlled. Increased machine and product accuracy and productivity are the end result of this system.

Our machines are guarded according to US government standards. Dust hoods meet industry standards for safety and dust pickup. Standard single side machines are manufactured with machining stations on the right side looking from the infeed through the machine.


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