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ISS 2500 Ionic Soil Stabiliser

ISS 2500 Ionic Soil Stabiliser, Soil Stabilisation, Road Construction, Road MaintenanceThis introduction is not intended as a detailed explanation but merely serves to give a fundamental understanding of ISS and the effect it has on a large number of soil types.


Sasbind, Soil Stabilizer, Soil Binder, Road Construction, Road MaintenanceSasbind is a uniquely formulated water based emulsion of modified acrylic polymers suitable for the binding and stabilisation of layers for use in construction of al types of roads. Sasbind provides a strong gluing and waterproofing action on soil particles and is suitable for application to a wide variety of soil types.


Dustex, Gravel Preserver, Dust Suppression, Dust Palliative, Road Surface MaintenanceDustex gravel preserver and dust palliative is a uniquely formulated lignin-based product available in both liquid and powder form. With the ability to penetrate almost any standard compacted road surface, Dustex produces a well bonded smooth hard surface with good abrasion resistant characteristics.


DustLock, Dust Suppression, Road Dust Suppression, Road Maintenance, Road RepairDustLock is a water-based emulsion of modified acrylic polymers suitable for application to areas or surfaces requiring medium to long-term dust suppression.

WDC (Waterless Dust Suppression)

WDC, Waterless Dust Suppression, Road Dust Suppression, Long Term Dust SuppressionWDC is a non-toxic, eco-friendly synthetic liquid that is applied undiluted to areas requiring medium to long-term dust suppression. WDC can be used on loose material up to 150mm in depth.

HRDC+ (Haul Road Dust Suppression)

HRDC+, Haul Road Dust Suppression, Dust Suppression, Dust Wetting Additive, Road Maintenance, Road RepairHRDC+ is a dust-wetting additive consisting of a special blend of surfactants, which increase the ability of water to penetrate the road surface to assist with the suppression of dust. The use of wetting additives increases surface drying times and reduces water application frequencies allowing a single water bowser to cover much greater areas.

LBS (Labour Intensive Asphalt)

LBS, Labour Intensive Asphalt, Bitumen Extenders, Binder Enhancers, Road Surface Repair, Road ConstructionLBS is a formulated mixture of inert fillers, bitumen extenders and binder enhancers designed to be blended with selected aggregates and water based bituminous emulsion in the manufacture of asphalt for general road surfacing and repair.
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