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Kluber Lubrication North America L.P.

Contact Details

Tel: +1 603 647-4104
Fax: +1 603 647-4105
Email: Email Kluber Lubrication North America L.P.

Street Address

32 Industrial Drive,
United States of America

Postal Address

32 Industrial Drive,
Londonderry, NH,
United States of America

Company Description

Engineered Solutions through Innovation

Experience, technical know-how and innovation are the cornerstones of Klüber's success. Unlike other lubricant companies, specialty lubricants are our only business. We take pride in tackling those applications where extremes of temperature, speed, load, and environmental conditions dictate the use of unique lubricant solutions. Whether operating an oven chain at 485° F, a gear with a 10-ton tooth load, or a spindle bearing at 30,000 rpm, we provide the optimum lubricant to meet your specific application requirements.

With over 1500 standard products and 6000 formulations, Klüber has long been on the cutting edge of lubrication technology. This knowledge, spanning all known lubricant technologies (both natural and synthetic), prepares us to meet ever-changing demands and increasingly difficult technical requirements. Our new R&D center in Munich, Germany is a testament to our continued commitment to offering solutions.

Products & Services

Brand Name Products

Airpress » Altemp » Amblygon » Asonic » Barrierta » Catenera » Centoplex » Constant » Grafloscon » Hotemp » Hydrokapilla » Isoflex » Kluber Madol » Kluber Summit » Kluberalfa » Kluberfluid » Kluberfood » Kluberlectric » Kluberlub » Kluberoil » Kluberpaste » Kluberpharma » Kluberplex » Kluberquiet » Kluberspeed » Klubersynth » Klubertemp » Lamora » Microlube » Molybkombin » Oxigenoex » Paraliq » Petamo » Polylub » Primium » Staburags » Structovis » Synthesco » Syntheso » Unimoly » Unisilkon » Wolfrakote » Wolfrasyn »

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