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Electro Mechanical Systems Limited

Telescopic Columns (Actuation Systems)

SKF Telescopic Column


With over 20 years experience, our comprehensive range of smooth and quiet telescopic columns comes in versions, comprising 230V/120V AC and 24V DC with direct drive or integrated power supply. Standard columns are available with push and pull forces up to 6000N and in stroke lengths from 200 up to 700 mm. Made from matt anodised extruded aluminium profiles they are available in 2 or 3-stages depending on the installation length required. The aesthetically pleasing appearance and hard anodised finish make the TELEMAG range ideally suited for applications where the column remains visible. The rigid extrusions and unique guiding system eliminates lateral movement and provides extremely stable and rigid support even under the most demanding offset loads. Most columns are available for parallel run via microprocessor control and are complemented by a range of ergonomic desk switches, footswitches and handheld switches. The range has recently been bolstered by the addition of the TFG, a low cost range giving fast push and pull performance without compromising the stability. Suitable applications include ergonomic workstations, instrument tables, operating tables and many other industrial environments where stable height adjustment is a necessity.



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