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Steppers Motors

Stepper motors from Faulhaber and Nidec Servo.

Faulhaber Stepper Motors - Precistep Technology

True swiss precision, but this time in the form of a range of miniature stepping motors, with body diameters from just 6mm up to 22 mm diameter. These motors can also be equipped with miniature lead screws and nuts to create miniature linear actuation systems with very precise and controllable movements.

In addition these 2 phase stepper motors may be combined with gearheads from the Faulhaber range, both planetary and spur, to result in high torque per volume essential in small battery powered portable devices. Feedback is available in the form of optical encoders and special options include compatibility with near vacuum environments.

Nidec Servo

Established as a manufacturer of small motors over 50 years ago, Nidec Servo offer a comprehensive range of motors and drives to suit applications ranging from office automation to medical devices. The range includes 2 and 3 phase hybrid stepper motors giving very quiet running and long life, which is why they are already used extensively by many of the world's key OEM's.

These motors offer high torque and low noise compared to similar sized motors. There are 6 basic body sizes ranging from 20 mm square, up to 86 mm, with different lengths to build a broad range of motor choice. They are available in basic step angles of 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, 3.75, 7.5 and 15 degrees Each motor may be supplied with a driver also manufactured by Nidec Servo, enabling the optimisation of the motor performance and noise level to suit your application.


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