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Thin Profile DC Motors

Faulhaber Brushless DC Motors and Thin Profile Brushless DC Motors

Faulhaber Thin Profile DC Motors
FTB thin profile DC micromotors. Originating in the clock and watch industry FTB have 40 years experience manufacturing miniature and micro drives. As a recent aquisition by the Faulhaber group they complement the range by offering cost effective, very low profile ironless rotor DC motors, ideal for when mounting depth is at a premium. Key features include, ultra flat dimensions, no cogging or preferred rotor position, extremely low current consumption, low starting voltage as well as low rotor inertia for extremely fast acceleration and braking. Also available with Precision gearboxes in all sizes.

Faulhaber Thin Profile Brushless DC Motors - Penny Technology
The Penny-motor's ultra flat design is made possible by the ironless stator coils that are not wound but rather traced lithographically on the stator board. All Penny motors have brushless commutation and offer the same long operational lifetimes that are characteristic of standard brushless drives. Other key features of this unique motor are, no cogging or preferred rotor position, extremely low current consumption, extremely light and compact, ultra flat dimensions, smooth and accurate speed control, speeds up to 60,000 rpm, high power rare earth magnets, electronic commutation for extremely long operational lifetime and autoclavable and vacuum rated versions. In addition high precision gearboxes are available to suit, together with control electronics.

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