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Electro Mechanical Systems Limited

Ball Screws

Miniature ball screws for medical instrumentation, space industry and other spheres.

Minature ball screws are another part of the precision Microlinea series offered by mps since 1973. The continous development of the range means that the ball screw systems offered today are extremely high performance and ideally suited to precision applications in medical instrumentation, the space industry and other demanding industries.

The standard range starts with a screw of only a 4.25mm diameter offering a dynamic axial load rating of 439N and goes up to a 13.6mm screw delivering an exceptional 2544N dynamic axial load rating.

In addtion to the standard range mps are able to offer an application specific design service calling upon their extensive experience to deliver a perfect solution to suit your application. Some of the options that can be offered as part of customised designs include:

  • Application specific lubricant - oil/grease/dry for vacuum
  • Machined screw ends
  • Increased static load capacity
  • Multiple nuts
  • Left hand threads
  • Modified screw lengths

Please contact our sales office or visit the website below for further information on the outstanding Microlinea range from mps.

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