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Electro Mechanical Systems Limited

Brushed DC Motors

DC motor drives and micro-precision systems from Faulhaber, Kaehlig Antriebstechnik (KAG) and Nidec-Valeo.

Faulhaber Drives & Micro Precision Systems

The difference between MINIMOTOR DC Micromotors and conventional DC motors is in the rotor. The special winding using the System FAULHABER technology does not have an iron core but consists of a self supporting skew wound copper coil. The feather weight rotor has an extremely low moment of inertia and it rotates without cogging. The result is outstanding dynamics across the entire range of Minimotor System FAULHABER motors.

For low power motors, commutation systems using precious metals are the optimum solution because of their extremely low contact resistance.

With a copper commutator and copper graphite brushes, motors of higher power will ensure long life even under extreme load conditions.

The entire range is available in the UK solely from EMS and with over a million possible combinations, the Minimotor ranges of System Faulhaber DC motors, gearheads, encoders, tachos and brushless DC motors, offers one of the widest choices available to the designer. Sizes start from the incredibly small 1.9mm diameter motor and planetary gearhead, up to 38mm and 220 Watts, making them suitable for applications such as medical devices, aerospace, control and instrumentation.

Kaehlig Antriebstechnik GmbH

KAG with their headquarters in Hanover produces DC drives in the range 2.5 to 250 Watt power. The company focuses on developing and producing small and powerful drives for use in a wide range of application areas including, medical technology, domestic services engineering, fluid mechanics, the automotive industry, office communications, automatic machines and mechanical engineering.

Utilising traditional DC motor technology, but designed to give up to 3000 hours life at nominal rating, the Kaehlig range satisfies many applications. To meet higher torque applications there is a comprehensive range of spur and planetary gearheads available. Options include tachogenerators and Optical encoders to give feedback for speed and positional control. To further enhance their products and develop new higher performance motors, KAG have recently opened a new laboratory equipped with a 3-D X-ray imaging system, an electron scanning microscope, and a 3-D laser modelling system. The latter allows small parts through to complete motor and gearhead assemblies to be modelled in solid within about 20 minutes.

Nidec Motors & Actuators

Electro Mechanical Systems is the exclusive distributor of industrial products for Nidec Motor & Actuators into the UK and Ireland. The Nidec range includes a wide range of DC motors, DC motors with spur gearheads and DC motors with worm gearheads. Available primarily in 12 and 24 volts DC, the products are ideally suited for use in health care products such as patient hoists, bath lifters, and pillow raisers; door openers for pedestrian and vehicular access, including domestic garage door openers; food processing, labeling and conveying systems; and a myriad of other applications where low voltage competitively priced motors and geared motors are needed. Full technical and commercial support is available from EMS's head office in Aldermaston.


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