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Electro Mechanical Systems Limited

Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC servo motors from Faulhaber and Kaehlig Antriebstechnik (KAG).

Faulhaber Drives & Micro Precision Systems  

The MINIMOTOR System FAULHABER Brushless DC Servomotors are built for extreme operating conditions. They are precise, have extremely long lifetimes and are highly reliable. Exceptional qualities such as silent running and especially low noise level are of particular note. The rare-earth magnet functioning as the rotor, and System FAULHABER skew winding technology ensures that these motors deliver peak performance dynamics within the most compact dimensions. This series is also available in an autoclavable version and is ideally suited for applications in laboratory and medical equipment. Starting from just 6mm diameter and reaching 44mm diameter this range of brushless motors offer significant power to weight ratio with maximum power reaching up to 212W.

Kaehlig Antriebstechnik GmbH

A new range of high-powered brushless DC motors is now available from the DC motor specialist KAG. The new ECM series is available in frame size 42, 48, 63 and 75mm. This comprehensive range will provide power output (at Nom. 3000rpm) from 8W to 154W. The new developments ensure high performance thanks to their maximum speed of 8,000 rpm (ECM 63 and ECM 75) and 10,000 rpm (ECM 42 and ECM 48). As the motor coils of the brushless drives are connected triangularly, with the same voltage the number of turns per unit length of coil can be increased and simultaneously the diameter of the winding wire reduced. In addition, the rotors of the ECM have a quadripolar design - with resin bonded NeFeB magnets (neodymium iron boron) and as a result are smooth running offering a high power to weight ratio. Life expectancy in excess of 20,000 hours of continuous operation can be expected. Care has also been taken in the construction of the motors to reduce weight to a minimum and this has been achieved by using aluminium end shields and housings.




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