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Electro Mechanical Systems Limited

Linear Bearings

lightweight, high precision linear bearings

The Microlinea range from mps offers extremely high precision linear bearings to suit a wide range of applications. There are numerous standard options starting at only 4mm outside diameter and going up to dynamic force rating in excess of 1000N. These systems are ideal for applications in the following fields of advanced technology:

  • aerospace
  • medical
  • optical devices
  • semiconductor industry
  • defence industry
  • precision measuring systems
  • micro-robotics


As well as the standard Microlinea product range, mps can offer fully customised solutions with the following advantages:

miniaturised dimensions down to an outer diameter of 4mm

customised play: zero (no play) or preloaded from 1 to 2?m

dry lubrication on request (for high vacuum applications)

nominal life expectancy of 100,000 metres

lightweight assemblies

Please contact our sales office or visit the website below for further information on the outstanding Microlinea range from mps.

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