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Duo-Pro® Engineered Double Containment Piping System

Duo-Pro® Engineered Double Containment Piping SystemThe premier double containment piping system offered on the market today, Duo-Pro has been successfully installed in Fortune 500 in semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries.

Poly-Flo ® - Advanced PE/PP-R Double Wall Piping System

Poly-Flo ® - Advanced PE/PP-R Double Wall Piping SystemAsahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, reintroduces the Poly-Flo® co-extruded double containment piping system. Available in black PE and euro grey PP-R, Poly-Flo® is ideal for installations with space constraints and systems where thermal expansion and contraction are present.

Chem Proline® Advanced Polyethylene (PE) Piping System

Chem Proline® Advanced Polyethylene (PE) Piping SystemChem Proline® is composed of the latest evolution in Advanced Polyethylene (PE) resin technology. This new Advanced PE material possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties. These properties include: stress crack resistance, slow crack growth resistance, ductility, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and brittleness resistance. Now available in 40" - 98" size size as well!

Ultra Proline® E-CTFE (Halar®) Piping System

Ultra Proline® E-CTFE (Halar®) Piping SystemHalar® (E-CTFE) is a thermoplastic melt processable copolymer resin in the Fluoropolymer family consisting of ethylene (E) and chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE). Because of its excellent chemical and temperature resistance, Halar® piping systems are highly versatile and suitable for the broadest range of applications.

Air-Pro® Compressed Air Piping System

Air-Pro® Compressed Air Piping SystemAir-Pro® is the only HDPE piping system approved for use, and warranted by the manufacturer, for compressed air applications. Air-Pro is CAL-OSHA listed. Air-Pro's® specially formulated resins are resistant to both synthetic and mineral compressor oils.

Type-23 Multiport True Union Ball Valve

Type-23 Multiport True Union Ball ValveType-23 Multiport plastic ball valves are threeway ball valves with True Union design. The use of a Multiport ball valve simplifies piping and eliminates the need for an additional valve and Tee fitting. An “L” ported ball valve permits flow from the bottom entry to either the left or right ports or to an OFF position.

Type-57 Butterfly Valves

Type-57 Butterfly ValvesType-57 butterfly valves are quarter turn valves with equal percentage type flow characteristics. They provide moderate flow control and therefore can be used for both on/off and modulating service. Good tolerance to suspended solids but not recommended for use with slurries or debris.

Type-21/21a True Union Ball Valve

Type-21/21a True Union Ball ValveType-21/21a ball valves are corrosion resistant plastic manual true union design quarter turn valves with hyperbolic flow characteristics, low pressure drops and reliable sealing. They offer relatively poor flow control and are typically used in on/off applications. They are excellent for use in clean fluid service applications with very little to no suspended solids.

Series 79 Pneumatic Actuator

Series 79 Pneumatic ActuatorAsahi/America’s Series 79P pneumatic actuators for quarter turn ball and butterfly valves provide accurate and dependable control, especially in corrosive applications. The units are compact, yet extremely durable and available in output torques from 59 to 40,710 inch-pounds based on an 80-psi air supply.

Series 92 Electric Actuator

Series 92 Electric ActuatorThe Series 92 electric actuator is our primary electric actuator for most butterfly valves, and our larger ball valves, as well as multi-turn diaphragm and gate valves. Features include 2-SPDT switches, output torque, conduit size, torque switches (if applicable), heater (if applicable).

Series 94 Electric Actuator

Series 94 Electric ActuatorThe Series 94 electric actuator is a basic electric actuator designed for smaller (generally up to 4") quarter-turn valves, and is a good low-cost alternative to larger electric actuators. The Series 94 actuators have a thermally protected, bi-directional, capacitor run motor with a permanently lubricated gear train.

Dymatrix™ MPV Muliport Manifold Valves

Dymatrix™ MPV Muliport Manifold ValvesAsahi/America is now manufacturing Dymatrix™ MPV PTFE multiport manifold valves at our Malden, Massachusetts manufacturing and distribution facility. The MPV is a custom configured manifold that eliminates tubing, fittings and dead space, and is ideal for high purity applications, especially where space is limited.

QM Remote Cycle®

QM Remote Cycle®The QM Remote Cycle® package consists of a Series 92 or 94 Electric Actuator, a power source, and an open close/timer. This is used for actuation in remote locations.

Polytetra Heat Exchangers

Polytetra Heat ExchangersPolytetra Series are all-thermoplastic, corrosion resistant heat exchangers that are designed and built per customer specification.

Frank Series Pressure Regulators and Pressure Relief Valves

Frank Series Pressure Regulators and Pressure Relief ValvesThe Frank series of regulating products includes pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, pressure relief valves and manual flow meters. These high quality products provide superior pressure and flow control for high purity piping systems.
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