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Mechanical Rotating Solutions

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Company News Tuesday, May 09, 2017: Mechanical Rotating Solutions


Sharing its 65 birthday this month, Belzona, the industry leader in Industrial Protective Coatings and Engineering Composites have made it their mission to exceed their customers’ needs and expectations by providing long-lasting, quality repair and maintenance solutions. With a global distribution network of over 140 Distributors in more than 120 countries Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) are proud to be part of the Belzona family.

Being able to call upon Belzona’s six decades worth of research, development and industry knowhow, Mechanical Rotating Solutions has relied on its varied product range for the past decade to offer its clients a product solution that reduces labour by eliminating the need for disassembly, welding, and post weld heat treatment.

As different challenges require different solutions Mechanical Rotating Solutions has called upon various Belzona products tailor made for its needed applications. Belzona® 5811, a two component solvent free system for the protection of metallic and non- metallic surfaces operating under immersion conditions in contact with aqueous solutions has been frequently used in the refurbishment of pumps and its related parts avoiding the need for replacement, reducing repair and maintenance costs, and above all, downtime.

Having gained extensive experience servicing collieries around the Mpumalanga province MRS frequently makes use of Belzona® 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal), a two component high strength coating for the protection and refurbishment of metal surfaces subject to severe erosion-corrosion as found in coal mines. Typical applications of this innovative protective coating includes impellers, water box ends and flange faces. This material can also be used as an injection material for the shimming and bonding of components or as a high strength structural gap filler.

Heavily damaged pumps can be restored to their original profile by using Belzona cold-curing, reducing further deterioration, increasing pump efficiency and reducing frequent maintenance costs. Additional specialist coatings incorporating chemical, high temperature, erosion or an amalgamation of these properties ensure that MRS has the Belzona product for almost all service conditions. Once applied and in-service, any local damage to Belzona coatings can be easily repaired allowing a rapid return to service, minimising outages.