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Mimic Components EDIL100 Electronic Door Interlock Double Door Security Booth Airlock Controller

Mimic Components EDIL100 Electronic Door Interlock Double Door Security Booth Airlock Controller

Product News Thursday, August 2, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Mimic is proud to announce the new EDIL100 double door security booth or airlock controller by ADDA Systems that is due for release in the near future.

The EDIL100 is a basic 2 Door interlock control module. It will work to Lock or Unlock 2 Doors such that only one door is ever open at a time

“This product is a Boated Din Rail mountable logic controller. Each unit will interlock 2 Doors such than in NORMAL operation both doors will never be open at the same time,” says Don Smith, Mimic’s technical director. “Multiple controllers can be linked so that only one door of many may be opened at a time’ adds Don.

Applications include Simple Security Booths, Factory and Laboratory Airlocks for temperature and Positive Pressure control, plus other similar applications.

Our facilities should enable most door Locking or Opening methods to be implemented, and the module has enough flexibility to use most locking devices such as Electric Strikes, Electric Locks, Electric Solenoid Dead bolts, Electro Magnet, Magnetic Locks, Magnetic Shear Locks, Electrical Door and Gate Operators plus many others.

As the EDIL100 is manufactured locally by Mimic Components custom orders are available to the end user. Other products for access control systems manufactured by Mimic Components are custom Face-Plates with built in switches, controls, pilot lights and illumination, in addition to the ADDA System Doorman (door monitor with alarm), Nurse-call System and Pedestrian Controls such as Midi-Traffic lights/Robots, LED illuminated Cross Arrow and the Walking/Standing Man indication plates.

If you would like to enquire further on any one of these products or wish to receive an operating manual on the Double Door Security Booth Airlock Controller, call Mimic components on telephone: 011-689-5700 or email