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DigiRail Communication

DigiRail Communication

Product News Friday, July 07, 2017: Mimic Components CC


DigiRail Communication

The DigiRail-2A is provided with RS485 two wire serial communications, operating as slave in the Modbus RTU protocol. The entire equipment configuration, as well as reading of the input data, is performed through serial communication.

After being configured, the data of its inputs and/or outputs can be accessed by any other software having Modbus RTU communications capacity. (To assure the correct configuration of DigiRail, always use the DigiConfig software).

Modbus Address Assignment Systematics

The DigiRail equipment does not have keys for determination of the Modbus communication address. This must be determined by using the communication in the Modbus protocol itself. This will require that the address of the device to be configured is known; this being possible by two different means:

  • If the equipment is a new one, it will show the configuration as et by the factory: Address=247, Baud rate=1200, Parity Even, 1 Stop Bit.
  • If the equipment has already been used and you do not know its address and/or other communication parameters, press the RCom button on your front panel. It will enter the diagnostics mode during 1 minute, assuming the following communication parameters: Address=246, Baud rate=1200, parity even, 1 stop bit.

The DigiConfig software configurator is provided with a function of searching the network for temporary devices, exactly the devices in the previous conditions. Once having been localized, the address and the other communication parameters can be changed according to the necessity of the application.

The communication parameters in the two previous conditions are not very common in Modbus networks, and they may probably cause no conflicts with other equipment of the network. Obviously only one DigiRail in the network can be in each of the previous conditions so that the communication with the configurator DigiConfig is possible. If several new DigiRail are to be included in a network, they must be inserted individually. Only after changing the communication parameters for the definitive values, the next DigiRail can be inserted. In an already existing network, only one DigiRail at a time can be set in diagnostics mode in order to be detected by the DigiConfig.

It is important to emphasize that the DigiConfig software acts as a master in the Modbus network. Its utilization requires that the original master of the network (SCADA software for instance), be disconnected during its use.

Contact us for further details regarding the implementation of a network of devices.

Modbus Commands

The Modbus RTU commands (functions) can be accessed via: