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Processing Machinery & Equipment

Processing Machinery & Equipment

Product News Thursday, August 31, 2017: Mimic Components CC


SEGMENT: Food and drink processing, process-production, and packaging.

INDUSTRY: Hot or Cold industrial process machinery & equipment, manufacturers, distributors, service & repairs.

The challenge

Like many companies in the food, drinks and packaging sectors, environmental monitoring is an essential element of the product development process and logging regular and detailed temperature updates is vital.  Any machinery or equipment of extreme temperatures need constant monitoring, for example refrigerator cells and freezers need to be kept at a constant temperature to avoid the risk of spoiling. Previously, one processing company monitored all its environmental data manually with physical checks performed by quality control operatives which was time-consuming, relatively expensive, and prone to human error. As a result, they began considering alternative solutions to simplify the data logging process. Cost was of course an important factor, however, they thought that both price and quality were of equal importance.

The solution

EL-WiFi Cloud wireless monitoring - Powered by FilesThruTheAirTM.

It was at this point that they heard about Wireless WiFi sensors with Cloud storage. Using the Cloud system called FilesThuTheAir™ to communicate, they could access their data anytime and from anywhere. They installed several WiFi sensors across the processing rooms. Each sensor communicated via an existing wireless WiFi connection updating the data automatically to the Cloud periodically. This provided maximum simplicity to the data gathering process.

The benefit of Wireless WiFi

 The Cloud system sensors offered round the clock monitoring, cutting the need for a dedicated IT team to check the data in the time intervals specified. The temperature statistics were easy to view and this solution saved time with the scalable working multiple sensors which were accessible from any Internet enabled device.


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