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Pan Mixers South Africa

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A renewed focus on technology and innovation

A renewed focus on technology and innovation

Product News Thursday, November 24, 2016: Pan Mixers South Africa

The leading manufacturer of brick, block and paving machines on the continent, PMSA services a wide and diverse customer base. “We can start with somebody who wants to start a brick business with a small hand-operated or electrically vibrated hand-operated machine, all the way up to a customer who wants to control every single detail of the factory process to maximise product quality and minimise production costs,” Walter Ebeling, MD of PMSA, comments.

“To make a good concrete mix, you need consistent raw materials and a consistent moisture content. You need highly accurate addition of water in the mixing process. Our mixers are designed for mixing concrete intensively so that the customer has a better blended concrete in order to reduce the cement content, while giving the same or superior strength.”

The addition of PMSA’s new Ultravibe vibrators to its machines provides enormous flexibility in producing compact concrete with reduced cement content. “With our curing systems we can place the product that needs to be cured in an environment that allows it to cure at its best rate, reducing the curing time, increasing the early strength and again being able to optimise the cement content so as to be able to make a superior product.”

Ebeling adds that PMSA has been fine-tuning its internal processes and systems over the last five years, from automated tracking of spares and parts to a new CRM system. “We have expended a large amount of effort and energy on putting systems in place to allow the company to grow.”

Now the company is in an ideal position to focus on technical innovation, which Ebeling cites as the next stage of its internal development. “Having all this technology and skills available to us, it makes absolute sense that we drive the technology. Naturally it is an intensive process, as it requires the input of everyone in the company. It requires testing, research and development and acquiring the necessary skills.”

An example of PMSA’s ongoing product development is its new Eco range of automated handling systems, which will be officially unveiled at Totally Concrete 2016. This latest technology gives customers the option of automated handling plants at a far more affordable price compared to the more costly top-of-the-range systems. The new Eco range of handling systems includes forklift options as opposed to more conventional but higher-cost finger and transfer car systems.