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Enclosures from Mimic Components

Enclosures from Mimic Components

Product News Thursday, August 2, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Mimic Components distributes a range of SMC enclosures made from a sheet moulding compound that offers some advantages over traditional steel enclosures. Although slightly more expensive than steel types, the SMC enclosures are moulded through, have long-life spans, are designed for extreme outdoor weather conditions, all of which present effective long term replacements to the steel enclosures.

Environmentally friendly, the SMC contains no heavy metal, asbestos or halogen. They are available in standard colours Grey and Electric Orange and other colours can be manufactured to special orders in a painted finish.

The glass fibre used for reinforcing is thicker than 14 microns, is not hazardous to health and does not cause itching. In outdoor conditions the temperature inside SMC enclosures do not vary as much as steel types and comes with an IP66 rating for indoor/outdoor application (including the windowed enclosures).

Front-windowed enclosures are both protective and useful. They are lockable as a security and anti-tampering measure and offer an inside visual of the equipment and wiring.

SMC enclosures are available with a normal circuit breaker cover sheet or a hinged lockable inner door, ideal for applications where equipment needs to be insulated from users. In coastal conditions, these types of enclosures are good alternatives to stainless steel due to their low rust factor.

Door sealing is done with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) which is essentially the opposite of memory foam. This means the sealing of the lid has no ‘memory’ effect, thus giving the SMC enclosures a better and longer-lasting seal than in most other enclosure types.

The SMC system is modular with clip-in DIN rails and SMC chassis plates, all of which are available on requirement. Weight loading varies according to box sizes (larger boxes are available in either portrait or landscape) and a good range of sizes are available from 235/250 (w) x 310/350 (h) x 200 mm (d) to 906/1000 (w) x 706/800 (h) x 320 mm (d). Some enclosures are available in portrait or landscape.

Apart from the SMC box enclosures, Mimic Components also offers a range of related products and accessories, such as resin insulators, relay systems, standard small distribution boxes and ready boxes at competitive prices.

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