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New NP 785 Ultra Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

New NP 785 Ultra Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

Product News Wednesday, July 31, 2019: Mimic Components CC

Ideal for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), clean-room and flow measurement applications, the NP785 is an ultra-low differential pressure transmitter for measuring very small over-pressure, under-pressure and differential pressure in neutral, non-corrosive gaseous media. It provides a pressure proportional linear signal output with configurable measuring range via USB using the configuration software.

NP785 can operate bi-directionally, providing the ability to measure differential pressure ranges from vacuum to positive pressure. It is housed in a DIN rail mountable ABS/ PC enclosure and its nickel plated brass fittings accept pneumatic hoses with 4 or 6 mm internal diameter.

The analog output can be set to either 0-10 V or 4-20 mA while having an RS485 with Modbus RTU communication protocol. Designed for HVAC and industrial environment, the NP785 ensures temperature compensation for long-term stability and complies with EMC standards, providing robustness and reliability for a wide range of applications.



  •  Available nominal ranges: ± 5 mbar and ± 20 mbar
  • Ranges fully configurable by software within rated range
  • Temperature compensated for higher stability at low pressures
  •  4 or 6 mm nickel plated brass fittings for pneumatic hoses
  • Output signal DC 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA and slave Modbus RTU, in one-only-model
  • Resistant to over-pressure    


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