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EMKA Gaskets – flame retardant, low smoke, low tox for the rail industry

EMKA Gaskets – flame retardant, low smoke, low tox for the rail industry

Product News Wednesday, August 21, 2019: EMKA UK Ltd

EMKA are delighted to offer specialist gasket profile sections in flame retardant, low smoke, low tox materials which are primarily aimed at railway applications such as mobile units, coaches, rolling stock, enclosures, station installations and related equipment operating in elevated risk areas.

Especially for customers of the railway industry, EMKA has developed a product range with fire-protection tested or fire-protection capable locks, hinges and gasketing made of fire prevention checked material. It complies with the special requirements of the sector and is designed to meet the relevant standards such as DIN EN 45545-2 “Railway applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles”. In their in-house Technology Centre both standard and customer-specific solutions for railway vehicles are designed.

Of particular interest are likely to be custom sections including vulcanised frames for immediate installation on doors, panels, inspection windows and similar. These include EPDM gaskets fire prevention tested to DIN 5510-2 NF F 16-101/-102 and silicone sections tested to DIN 5510-2 NF F 16-101/-102 UNI CEI 11170 CEN / TS 45545-2* (*replaced by DIN EN 45545-2).

Further information on EMKA flame retardant gaskets can be found at Readers can find the latest information and news on the EMKA blog – or follow them on twitter -


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