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Quarter-turn locks and latches ex-stock and online from FDB Panel Fittings support recovery growth

Quarter-turn locks and latches ex-stock and online from FDB Panel Fittings support recovery growth

Product News Thursday, August 19, 2021: FDB Panel Fittings

Gary Miles – MD at specialists FDB Panel Fittings, points out that Quarter-turn locks and latches can be used as a secure closure mechanism for numerous applications such as industrial enclosures, and similar; they are comprised of a housing, an insert, and a cam. This simple device has become so widely used that it is relied on almost unconsciously such that FDB Panel Fittings have for many years focused on ensuring quality and availability to the specialist panel building industry, through their Online store.

He explained “At a time like this it is especially important that we offer an ex-stock program of standard quarter-turns and others with unique properties, such as compression quarter-turns with vibration resistance. These quarter-turns can be ordered in a range of materials, including polyamide, stainless steel, or zinc die-cast. Additionally, we can provide individual components that complement our extensive quarter-turn offering, such as customized gaskets, grounding clips, and so much more. In fact, we have over 30 standard inserts for quarter-turns plus customized inserts and the possibility to assemble using screws, welding or without tools.”

“In most applications, quarter-turns are the ideal solution to protect against unauthorized access; in some cases, we advise using both a quarter-turn and rod latch especially where a larger door is fitted or enhanced sealing is required.”

FDB have re-doubled their efforts to support the UK manufacturing supply chain where the consistent provision of simple components like quarter turns can be a crucial element in completion of a project.

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