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Stainless steel enclosure hardware – an EMKA modular program

Stainless steel enclosure hardware – an EMKA modular program

Product News Thursday, May 11, 2023: EMKA UK Ltd

The EMKA team here in the UK recently explained useful application information about their modular stainless steel hardware program for specialist panel builders, HVAC and vehicle manufacturers. They point to the benefits of a modular program using internationally standardised cut outs, also internationally standardised inserts and keys. They describe how modularity enables high quality production values across the range, using consistent designs that are compatible with other ranges.  This enables customers to source a product for every market niche while enjoying the corrosion resistant and rugged performance of stainless steel in stronger hardware components than those using cheaper materials.

They point out that the EMKA stainless steel hardware program is weather resistant for outdoor installations, e.g., for exposed rail side, also roadside, coastal and offshore environments, and for telecommunications, commercial vehicles and HVACR, Particular specialist items include high-temperature silicon seals e.g., for power stations and offshore, also for clean and hygienic areas in food and pharmaceutical industries. Innocuous stainless steel wing knobs provide convenient closure for small enclosures and RC2-compatible swinghandles are offered for situations where vandal resistance is required.

Traditionally, stainless steel hardware has been quite limited in availability and, manufactured in low numbers at high cost, the designs were not as sophisticated as the comparable injection moulded or zinc die equivalents. That has changed in recent years so that now the range includes quarter-turn locks and latches, e.g., spanner locks with inserts and housings and locks with a visual indication of when open or closed, locking systems – e.g., swinghandles, also L and T handles. Hinges in stainless include those for fixed or lift-off doors both for flush and protruding doors, with or without a removable pin, they may be installed by using machine screws or by welding.

Further information on Stainless steel enclosure hardware from EMKA can be found at Readers can find the latest information and news on the EMKA blog – or follow them on twitter -