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Enclosure hardware from EMKA for Air Conditioning equipment

Enclosure hardware from EMKA for Air Conditioning equipment

Product News Wednesday, July 19, 2023: EMKA UK Ltd

We are advised by EMKA that the heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry is one of the most important application areas requiring specialised locks, hinges and sealing profiles. For this reason, EMKA explain that they are constantly developing their portfolio for this sector and optimising a separate sector range to meet the requirements of these HVACR customers. Among other things, the company offers special handle systems for air conditioning installations along with hinges in several variants and a wide range of suitable gasket sections.

The ?EMKA HVACR ?locking? systems? comply ?with? the? special ?requirements? of ?the? sector ?and ?meet ?the? relevant ?standards. ?In ?addition,? they can provide individual designs derived from engineering development discussions carried out directly with the customer.

As a long-time system partner of the HVACR industry, they are constantly working on new and innovative products like the modular locking system, compression latch hinges or inspection windows with integrated foam seals.

Other examples include a new modular handle with an innovative design? suitable for doors opening inwards and outwards? and for various door thicknesses (25 - 110 mm)? and offering a variety of locking options (round cylinder, blind plug, square insert, further inserts on request)? plus a Roller Cam with adjustable clamping load? (also, Air Tightness class L1-L3 is possible.)

A novel compression latch-hinge, suitable for different door sizes, is offered to provide ?a combination of a hinge and a lock, in only one product so that the door or panel can be removed by unlatching the handles on both sides?. Features include 3mm adjustment when the door is closed to achieve perfect alignment?, with optional HVACR Compression latch-hinge available - with a safety feature for “pressure relief”? with an ATEX-compliant explosion protection version also offered on request?.

The range covers a new surface-mounted modular door lock with an internal handle, an industry-standard mounting 3D-unit connector?, a bow-type door handle? and a clip-on profile according to hygiene standard VDI 6022?.

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